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Glory Hole Garden grows more than just food.
Published: 06/17/2010 12:00:00
What began as a small roof top garden at the Glory hole is growing, and in more ways than one, expansions are underway with terraces behind the building, adding to the space available for planting, but also adding a certain something to the lives of the patrons.

Mariya Lovishchuk, the Glory Holes Executive Director, tells us Our mission is to provide food, shelter and compassion, were not really in the training and program business, but if you actually have a project where people can work on and gain work skills and gain this confidence that Wow, I can work under supervision, doing stuff then its just kind of like a side effect, and in the meanwhile, my garden gets built. When this project is completed, most of the people in here will have worked on it, it will really give them a sense of like Wow, you know like we did this and it will be able to contribute to our sense of self worth and were not just kind of like hanging out in this quasi state of despair all the time, were doing something and its really cool.

David Randlett, a patron of the Glory Hole and volunteer, adds his own perspective, Well, the gardens brought a lot of life, new life to the glory hole, in that since we are dependent on the community for their services and their generosity, its a way that we can all kind of be self sufficient and show the community that we are in fact motivated, that were not just a bunch of louts laying around eating for free and not appreciating it.

Its about more than just growing food; its also about growing people; humans; productive members of society.

Mr. Randlett went on to say Its a wonderful thing Mariyas doing, and it makes us all feel better, like theres purpose and meaning in our lives.

And Mariya added, Its really nice to have green living things, so it sort of turns you from a place of despair to a place where you have life going on.

By: Rik Pruett -