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Canoe Welcoming Ceremony
Published: 06/03/2010 14:40:00
On Wednesday afternoon, the Goldbelt heritage foundation held a traditional welcoming ceremony for three visiting canoes carrying Elders and Tribal Leaders who had come to Juneau to attend Celebration, and the ceremony carried a very deep meaning. Paul Marks (Kinkaduneek) of the Goldbelt Heritage Foundation explains;

We are imitating our ancestors and doing so, we are uplifting our ancestral ways by using our names and our clans, and also with that we are lifting ourselves up, which were also holding our children and our grandchildren in high esteem and this is why we do this. When we ask the people in the canoe (recites Tlingit phrase) were asking Who are you? And in response, they would call out who they were, what house they were from, and the names they were from, so when they came ashore, we could talk to them appropriately and address them appropriately.

Narration; In addition to the warm welcomes and renewal of bonds shared by the participants, there was also a broader purpose to the event.

We are doing these things for our children so we can develop a curriculum from this documentation, and we will use it in the school system for our children to see, and grandchildren.

By: Rik Pruett -