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Mr. Whitekeys comes to Juneau.
Published: 02/25/2010 10:30:00
Mr. Whitekeys, an infamous Alaskan entertainer, came to Juneau to hold a benefit concert at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center, so we went to meet the man and find out what makes him tick. He provided us with the following interview, in which we simply let him tell us why he was here, in his own inimitable style.
Well Im Mr. Whitekeys, and I have the most perfect job in the world, I get to mouth off and make snotty comments for a living and you know its working real well for me. (laughs) And its too bad that this is running on KATH the day after we were here in Juneau because it was the performance of the century. Theres never been anything like this in Juneau, every member of the Legislature was here, they all took off their clothes; you missed something you will never get to see again for the rest of your lives. (laughs)
I mean, weve been looking forward to coming to Juneau for years I mean and it was everything we had hoped for. I mean where else in the world would you find a Legislature thats considering giving Permanent Fund Dividends to dead people? (Laughs) What is a dead person going to do with a flat screen TV?
We were doing a fundraiser, a giant fundraiser for SEAtrails, I mean an incredible organization, building trails out there in the woods, where you can just go someplace to get away from the Legislature for a few minutes.
And everybody in Juneau just treated us really well, I mean where else can you go on the road and they provide the giant blue moose? (laughs) If youve got a giant blue moose, you cant lose, and they already had it here. You guys live in the greatest place on earth.
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