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Former NFL Quarterback teaches "Heads Up" Football in Juneau
Published: 09/12/2013 10:00:00
Football has always been, and will always be, a rather aggressive contact sport; when you're young, learning how to play the game safely is of paramount importance, and the Juneau Youth Football League has taken a very proactive approach to the issue. Jennifer Maier, the President of the League, explains.

"We joined a pilot program this year, we're one of many programs in lower division across the country that's been sponsored by the NFL, and it's really to help teach the fundamentals of proper tackling and safety when kids are young so when they do get into high school and progress through college and eventually into the NFL, they've received that training and that foundation of safe tackling, taking the head out of the game.

Jake Plummer came to visit us, he is here with the NFL Network, they've sponsored him, what they're doing is they're going to come talk to us about USA Football and Heads Up Concussion Training, the Juneau Youth Football League adopted Heads Up Football and joined as an affiliate this year which has brought in some great resources from the NFL."

Heads Up Football is a safety program sponsored by USA Football, with over 100 Former NFL Players traveling the country teaching safety fundamentals. Jake Plummer, a former NFL Quarterback for both the Arizona Cardinals and the Denver Broncos and one of the Ambassadors for the Heads Up program, spoke to us about their goal.

"You can't really avoid injuries in football, they're going to happen but the nature of the game changed a little bit where a lot of players were leading with their helmet and using their helmet incorrectly, now the helmet never was intended for that, it was intended to keep your skull from fracturing, not to prevent concussion so the main thing is to not use it improperly, and if we can teach these kids young age, teach them the fundamentals of how to tackle for starters, teach them to use their shoulders to wrap, to not use their head, to not duck their head down, hence the term "Heads Up" you know hopefully we can make the game safer for them and they can enjoy it."

By: Rik Pruett -