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JAHC Wearable Art show this weekend at Centennial Hall
Published: 02/11/2010 15:21:00
The Juneau Arts & Humanities Councils Wearable Art show is this weekend, and we dropped in on a rehearsal to learn a little about it.

"Well the Wearable Art extravaganza that takes place here in Juneau every year is an annual event. Art is often on gallery walls, this is a case where art is created to be worn on the body." explained event director Patricia Hull.

The inspiration for that art can come from many different places, as Amy Fletcher, one of the artists, told us. "This year we had a whole bag full of reflectors; bike reflectors and reflectors from cars. My Daughter and I thought 'well keep collecting them and sometime well make something out of them'. The fun part is kind of an extreme challenge of something thats not bendable and strange things to try to put on your body, and trying to make that into a costume."

It takes a bit more than just an artistic eye to participate in the show, and thankfully theres some help available. "Every model who is on stage, gets to come in and work with a choreographer who can really help them polish how they are going to present what theyre doing" said Hull. Becky Engstrom is one of this years volunteer choreographers. "They bought me in to help the models with their movements. Many of the models have never done this, and sometimes its a matter of giving them tips on posture and where their eyes should be."

Becky works individually with each model to prepare them for the catwalk. She comments "basically its choreography on the spot, kind of like you are in the hot seat."

Hull elaborated on how little time there is to pull an event like this together. "We only get to run through the show one time before we actually have an audience of 1000 people there, so we have to do a lot of preparation ahead of time and try to pre-think and work all the kinks out, and anticipate what might go wrong. And then make it not go wrong."

Wearable Art is this weekend at Centennial Hall, with a show at 7pm on Saturday, and another at 3pm on Sunday.

By: Rik Pruett -