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Capt. Charlie Plumb concludes Pillars of America Speaker Series
Published: 05/09/2013 09:40:00
The Glacier Valley Rotary Club's "Pillars of America" featured speaker this week was Capt. Charlie Plumb, a former Navy Combat Pilot who spent nearly six years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. In an interview with KINY's Sharon Gaiptman, he told us about one of the positive aspects of his life that arose from his experiences, and how it helped him to become what he is today.

"It's almost a mission of mine because I recognize the value of adversity; just the word itself, adverse or adversity, brings chills. There's a lot of value to it, there's just a lot of good reason; in fact my latest quote that I've come up with is 'adversity is a horrible thing to waste.'

If I approached each one of your listeners and said 'Okay, what's the most learning experience you've ever had, what makes you, what gives you the personality that you have?' You would go back to a tough coach that you had, maybe a sickness, an illness, or a divorce in your family. These things that we overcome, and gain confidence from the overcoming of it, are the things which really form our character.

So when I found that I have this message I thought 'well, then there is value to the six years of pain that I spent over there, there's a reason that it happened and there is a value to it and thus I must go forth and speak.'

Many of us forget to thank the people that prepare us for challenge, our parents and teachers and community leaders and Rotarians who support us in a lot of ways, and we go through life just making the assumption that they'll always be here for us and yet when you get into trouble, when that adversity strikes, you really look for that kind of support group."

By: Rik Pruett -