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4th Annual Project Homeless Connect offers services to those in need
Published: 01/31/2013 10:00:00
Monday morning was bitter cold in Downtown Juneau, but for those who have no permanent shelter from the elements, a bit of respite from the cold was available. The 4th annual Juneau Project Homeless Connect drew a couple of hundred homeless individuals to Centennial Hall, Zach Gordon Youth Center and the JACC; and an army of volunteers to help them. Jessy Post, The Juneau Homeless Coalition Coordinator, told us about the event.

"The event started at nine this morning, we had people well before nine starting to come in and they come in and take a survey called the Annual Point in Time Count and that just gets a snapshot of the demographics and the number of our homeless population here in our community.

So they'll first come in and take that survey and then after they take the survey they're free to come in Centennial Hall, we have a variety of services. I know I've seen many people coming in to fill out permanent fund applications, there's housing providers on hand, we have legal service; even down to Gastineau Humane Society is here in case people need some services for their pets.

Over in the Juneau Arts and Culture Center is where all the health care services are provided, so there's multiple things going on over there, there's ask the doctor, there's foot care, blood pressure screening, flu shots, just a variety of health care services and information.

Everyone in Juneau seems to know that housing is quite a shortage on all different levels down to affordable housing and even emergency type shelters for the homeless, so last year between all those surveys coming in the overall count was 562 people experiencing homelessness in Juneau. Probably a lot bigger problem than you think."

By: Rik Pruett -