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Tlingit Haida Regional Housing Authority offers free tax preparation
Published: 01/17/2013 12:35:00
Tax Season is upon us and with it the anxiety that often accompanies venturing into the complex world of tax forms and regulations. This year there's an extra level of help available for people though. The Tlingit Haida Regional Housing Authority is offering free tax preparation as part of a larger Financial Literacy program that they've developed. Dawn Wesley, a Financial Skills Specialist with the Housing Authority, provided details.

"We have a voluntary income tax preparation site that we went and found a grant for to get the computers together to do the program; it will provide services to clients through the intermediate level meaning that we can't do anything that's self employment or really difficult taxes, it's really aimed towards the earned income tax credit clients.
They actually come to our building at 5446 Jenkins Avenue which is our Tlingit Haida Regional Housing building; downstairs we have a large conference room which is great for the program. We will be open for service ten to one on Saturdays starting January 26th through April 13th, the 13th falls on a Saturday so we'll probably do a Sunday depending on how much traffic we have. We're also going to have what's called a self assisted site, and that is where a client could come in and try and do the taxes themselves with a preparer who's just there to answer questions, they won't prepare the taxes, and that will be here we will have one here at the housing authority on Wednesday's between one and 4:30, where the computer will be set up and somebody could come in and do their taxes online and we would have somebody there if they had questions.
Our new CEO here, Ricardo Worl at the Housing Authority is really pushing the empowering of individuals in Southeast Alaska, and through that we found that the financial literacy is a big issue that needs to be addressed, and so that's how we've come around and put in the VITA Site, the financial literacy classes, and even going and talking to the youth about financial literacy."

By: Rik Pruett -