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JPD Hosts Open House
Published: 01/27/2010 14:15:00
Narrator: On Monday evening, the Juneau Police Department hosted an open house at the Police Station in Lemon Creek, celebrating their status as the only accredited police force in Alaska.

Cindee Brown-Mills, one of JPDs Public Information Officers tells us Actually in December, we received accreditation, were the first ones in the state of Alaska to do that and were pretty excited about it so we want to share that with the public and we decided to open up, and let folks take a look at what its like to be an accredited agency.

Narrator: And to take a look at the myriad of tools that they have to assist them in maintaining the publics safety.

Cindee Continues, Upstairs in our training room, we have our crisis negotiation team, our swat team and our explosive ordinance disposal team. And they have a lot of their fun gadgets that they use.

Sergeant Paul Hatch, while demonstrating a piece of equipment, explains, What we have here is an Andros F6A, its a robot used for the EOD explosive ordinance disposal team, and simply the team uses it if we have a suspicious package or device that we dont want to send a person down range on, down target. The whole point is to keep the bomb tech, as much as we can, out of danger.

Cindee Brown-Mills continues with her explanation of the displays that are available for the public to view. Outside we have our mobile command post, thats our big RV looking vehicle, and then our police vehicles so that people can look inside there, and as you know recently we got in-car video and computers in the cars

Lt. Ed Mercer, referring to the computer equipment installed in a police cruiser, explains, And that allows our officers to have access to all the information that the communications center is receiving on calls, so if theyre typing in a call and a location, if theres any other pertinent information in there that they need to be relaying to the officers, the officer is able to access this through the computer system.

Narrator: The mobile data systems are yet another of the many technological advances that led to the Juneau Police Department receiving its status as the first accredited police department in the state of Alaska, an honor which, both the department and the residents of Juneau can be very proud of.

By: Rik Pruett -