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The Canvas Art Studio creates more than just art
Published: 08/16/2012 12:45:00
We recently learned of a class being offered to the general public by the Canvas Art Studio on the artistry of pottery; what we also learned was that there's a lot more to the Canvas Art Studio than just art classes, and a more noble purpose to their mission. We spoke with Kelly Manning, the Director of the Studio, who elaborated on the topic.

"The purpose and mission is to create integration for the community, it's to create a space where people of all abilities can do art, be in an art environment, work around the artists, we have community art classes like the one we have going on tonight where community members can come in and work with a master artist and learn how to do a new type of art. We also have classes that are specifically for people who experience disabilities, and then we have classes and events where we try to integrate the two.
We cover a wide range of mediums from pottery which is a very popular medium to painting, drawing, we do glass work we've done fused glass, we've done stained glass, jewelry making.
So tonight we have a beginning pottery wheel throwing class, this is the first in a series that we offer, beginning pottery 1, it's a five week class, you can then follow with beginning pottery 2 and then an intermediate wheel throwing class. It's learning how to throw on the wheel, the basic beginning class is to learn how to center and pull and throw bowls, vases, very simple maybe a mug, some simple techniques just to learn how it works and then through the series of pottery courses you can build on those skills and get to where you can do more complex forms."

The Canvas offers Day classes for people experiencing disabilities as well as community classes for the general public and a mixture of the two. You see it isn't just about creating art, it's about creating an integrated artistic community, and that is truly a thing of beauty.

By: Rik Pruett -