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Gastineau Humane Society hosts "It's a Dog's Life Camp"
Published: 07/19/2012 13:30:00
The Gastineau Humane Society has introduced an exciting new kids program this summer, "It's a Dog's Life Camp" is geared towards teaching kids proper ways to safely train and work with dogs. Brandon Howard, the Camp Director, told us more about the purpose of the camp.

"So the main focus of camp is to teach kids how to work with dogs, safely walk dogs on leashes, how to train dogs using positive reinforcement, and also just give kids a chance to learn how to really work with dogs in a healthful way for themselves and for the animals. "

One nice thing about this camp is that dogs were included, for this activity they were an Australian Shepherd named Wallaby and a Border Collie named Luna, and as it turned out, both the kids and the dogs were pretty fast learners.

Mr. Howard went on to explain the day's activity, "So today we're running the dogs through an agility course, a bunch of different obstacles with two dogs that have never done an agility course before. Earlier on in the week with the kids we were talking about conditioning and how you train a dog and we've been teaching them to use clickers, clicker training, where they have a click and then a treat and the dog associates the click with a reward and it's a really efficient way to train an animal. "

One of the camp participants, a young lady named Erica, told us why she came to camp. "Well we're here to learn how to train and work with dogs, and it's really fun because I'm a big dog lover. And I'm a dog sitter for other people too, whenever people go away that I know, they ask me to take care of their dogs so this camp has helped me a lot with that because there is actually a certain way to hold a leash which I didn't know and just stuff to do if you see a bear and your dogs not on a leash you have to kind of stay calm and I've learned a lot here."

By: Rik Pruett -