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Gold Medal Basketball underway in Juneau
Published: 03/22/2012 12:45:00
Gold Medal Basketball is underway this week in Juneau; Sponsored by the Juneau Lions Club, it's a huge event every year for all of Southeast Alaska, but this year in particular it's even more special because the Tournament has received a very distinguished honor. We spoke with Steve Brandner, the President of the Juneau Lions Club, about that Honor.

"This is the 66th Annual Gold Medal Tournament, 66 years we've been doing this, it started in 1947. Actually it's a big year this year, we were inducted into the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame as an event this year, so that's a pretty big honor. Just some of the other events they have in there are like the Iditarod, the All Alaska Eskimo Olympics, Midnight Sun Baseball. And we've been nominated before but we finally reached the point where we received enough votes, they researched us enough and got a feel of what it was and we had some really great comments when I took a group of representatives up. Senator Kookesh, Johan Dybdahl from Hoonah and Herb Didrickson from Sitka as representatives of the communities to explain what Gold Medal Basketball really is and has meant to them from its incept in 1947. Villages literally empty out to come to Gold Medal Tournament for the week; shopping, basketball, cultural affairs, dance groups, just the event has become, because what the Gold Medal Basketball Tournament is all about."

The Tournament wraps up this Saturday with the Championship Games starting at four. Get there early, the Gym fills up quickly and the games are hot because it's a great honor to be declared Gold Medal Champion for your division.

Mr. Brandner finished by stating "Teams take it very seriously, it means a lot to their communities in community pride and respect and just the bragging rights of "We are the Champions for this year."

By: Rik Pruett -