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Juneau Archery Club right on target for education and recreation
Published: 03/01/2012 13:20:00
Archery is a challenging sport and a lot of fun and the Juneau Archery Club makes it accessible for everyone. Their indoor archery range on Montana Creek Road is open to the public and provides a year round Archery Program as well as bow hunting safety classes. The President of the club, Richard Ely, gives us some details.

"The club was founded in 1987 here in Juneau, a bunch of archers decided they wanted to be able to pass archery on to other people so they got together, founded a club and we shot in different places until we were able to come here to the Fish and Game Montana Creek Shooting Facilities and we have one half of the building that we use now. We're open seven days a week, Saturday through Thursday is open shoots for anybody; you have to be a minimum of six years of age to come shoot. Friday night we dedicate to kids only so the only ones that shoot Friday night is six to fifteen year olds. Our memberships are really reasonable, for a single they're only fifteen dollars for a year, a family is twenty dollars; if you're a member it just costs you two bucks to come shoot as an adult; if you're a youth it doesn't matter if you're a member or not we only charge a dollar. And as a non-member we only charge five dollars. If you show up at 6 o'clock you can shoot for three hours for two dollars if you're a member. We provide equipment, as a member or non-member if you come and shoot, by paying the fees that gives you access to any of the bows up there, any of the gloves, arm guards, tabs, arrows; you can bring your own equipment, the only thing we ask is make sure that it's in good working order. All age levels are welcome, we have people that find us on a webpage, show up and say 'I'm interested in Archery, I don't know the first thing' and we teach them. And then we have people that come in that have been shooting for years just to get warmed up, keep their skills to get ready for hunting season."

By: Rik Pruett -