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Black History Month Celebrated with Spirit at the JACC
Published: 02/16/2012 14:20:00
February is Black History Month, and in honor of that the Juneau Arts and Culture Center is hosting a very unique event. It's a series of workshops teaching local vocalists the basics of Gospel Music and they lead up to a concert on Sunday with the students themselves performing as the Choir.
We spoke with the Reverend Bobby Lewis, who was directing the workshop, to learn more.

"They ARE the Choir, so they've been learning music and they're going to be reading, and reading dialogue and the whole night comes together like we've been together for a month, but we've only been together for five days."
Sherry Patterson, President of the Juneau Black Awareness Association and the Visionary whose idea's led to the event, gave us her insight as to its meaning for her.

"I think it's a time of unity and just coming together as a community to celebrate not only Black America, but just celebrate America and who we are with an emphasis of the Black accomplishments and achievements."

The Reverend Lewis supplied us with some of the particulars about the workshops.
"They're about 60 of them came in to learn music and what I do is teach them by rote, teach them spirituals, and we're going through a narration of the journey of Africans from the Gold Coast, the west coast of Ghana, to Virginia. And were doing narrations of what happened, how that happened, in between we're singing spirituals that leads up to gospel."

(Gospel Music Selection)

In ending, Mrs. Patterson spoke of the bond between the performers. "Harmony, Unity, we're all of one heart. Those who are here want to be here and we just are so excited to be taught and just to come together as one voice and one spirit."

By: Rik Pruett -