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4th of July Parade will air on New Year's Day
Published: 12/29/2011 13:50:00
Updated: 12/29/2011 20:43:02

New Year's Day is just a few days away and here at KATH we like to celebrate New Year's Day in a very special way. As we've done every year since we joined Juneau's broadcast community, we will once again bring a little bit of summer in to the winter with an encore presentation of Juneau's 4th of July Parade. For the twelfth year in a row we present all the colorful pageantry of Juneau's celebration of Independence Day, complete with all of the sunshine and festivities that take our memories back to when the weather was a bit warmer. Over the years some things have changed and some things have remained the same. The biggest change is that now we present it to you with unmatched color and detail in High Definition, one of the things that hasn't changed is the host of the parade, KRNN FM's Lena Simmons, who has been with us for every one of those twelve years.

"I Love the parade, I absolutely love the parade, I think Juneau has the best Fourth of July of any place I've ever been in. And I particularly love the parade because it's just like I know everybody. You know the floats come by and the bands come by and the dancers come by and I know somebody in every group. And so it's sort of like seeing everybody on old home week. I look forward to all the mini cars with the Shriners, and I look forward to the bagpipes coming, and I look forward to seeing what funny hats the marching band will be wearing. I have godchildren who deliberately come down to where I am because they know that the TV cameras are there and they know that the guys on the fire trucks will throw lots of candy out so that it looks like they're really throwing gobs and gobs of candy so they come deliberately to be there."

Our New Year's Day presentation of the 2011 parade can be seen in High Definition at 2 o'clock this Sunday Afternoon, right before the NFC East Championship game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants, here on KATH, NBC for Southeast Alaska.

By: Rik Pruett -