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Juneau Douglas High School hosts Region V Volleyball Tournament
Published: 11/03/2011 13:30:00
Volleyball teams from all over Southeast converged on the Capital City this week to participate in the region V Championships at Juneau Douglas High School. Three days of competition will culminate with the Championship games on Saturday afternoon. We spoke with Sandi Wagner, the Athletic Director at Juneau Douglas High School, about the Tournament.

"This weekend at Juneau Douglas High School, we are having the 3A, 4A Volleyball Championship for Region V, it includes ten teams, seven 3A teams and three 4A teams, Start the competition at 10am Thursday morning and the championships will be 4:45 and 3:15 I think, I don't know for sure, on Saturday, and again it depends on how everybody does but we're looking forward to an exciting weekend."

One of the things that makes it even more exciting is that this is the first Region V Championship Volleyball Tournament to be held in Juneau in over thirty years.

Sandi related how long it had been since the last time the tournament was held in Juneau. "The last time it was held in Juneau was when the state was one level; the Hoonah's played the Juneau's, the Ketchikan's played the Craig's or they were all playing together. When the state divided them up into 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and that was about thirty years ago maybe a little longer, we lost the tournament and the tournament has since been held in the small communities. And we made some changes a few years ago at the region level and so we now are able to host this tournament and we're very excited about it. The reason it was the way it was, is because the 4A's were hosting the big events, the region V 3A, 4A basketball tournament, music festival, the track meets which are huge events, they in the smaller communities couldn't do it. Well when Sitka became a 3A community they still wanted to host the huge events and so we said, well if you're going to host the huge events, then we get to host the smaller events so that's why it's back in the larger community."

By: Rik Pruett -