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Juneau Job Fair helps people find employment
Published: 10/13/2011 11:45:00
With today's tough economic times it can be difficult to find a good job, a lot of them seem to be few and far between but the Juneau Job Center is trying to help, twice a year they host a Job Fair and one of them was yesterday at Centennial Hall. We spoke with Glenn Mitchell, a Business Representative with the Juneau Job Center, and he explained what the event was all about.

"This is more about getting people into the work force; it's not so much about you know the employer finding people but most of these employers that are here today, they have anywhere in a range from three to six positions open, and I have a couple employers that I know that have at least twelve openings."

If you missed the Job Fair there is still plenty of opportunity to take advantage of the available resources and find a good job. Mr. Mitchell told us about one resource that is particularly valuable.

"The greatest resource that's available is our website; the Department of Labor has the Alexsys program and that stands for the Alaska Labor Exchange System, and I understand that some people might not find that a very friendly website but on the very first page of our website is a link that is a resource to job seekers and employers that shows them step by step how to register and how to view jobs in the Alexsys program. I can tell you that as of a week ago there were over 378 jobs listed in that database. The success of the Job Fair historically has always been a success, that's the reason why we continue to do this because most of our employers leave the fair with not just ideas of people they want to hire but there are actual hires that are made here at the job fair. Last Job Fair there were 16 people that were hired as of that particular event, now that was a spring event of course and we have a lot more employers as well as more foot traffic through here but there were 16 employees by the end of the event."

By: Rik Pruett -