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Author presents book on wild foods of the Pacific Coast
Published: 09/15/2011 13:00:00
Monday night at the Douglas Library saw a fascinating presentation by the author of a book devoted to foraging for, and cooking with, a myriad variety of wild foods found along the West Coast. Attendees not only learned about some of these foods, but were also treated to some samples of recipes from the book. The work is entitled "Pacific Feast: A Cook's Guide to West Coast Foraging and Cuisine". The author, Jennifer Hahn, told us about the book and how it came to be.
"It is a book about how to sustainably forage these species up and down the coast and then how to process them and cook with these foods. And I am a sea kayaker from maybe thirty years background and always to keep my kayak light I foraged. With time I learned more and more, eventually seaweeds became something that became less of a kind of mucosal icky thing to touch and to eat and now I cook with seaweeds all the time, in fact I feel like they are probably the multivitamin of, they're probably the wild man, wild woman's multivitamin really, seaweeds in general.
So with time I realized I had learned enough that I wanted to pass something on, so Pacific Feast is really thirty years of foraging experience wrapped up between two covers and I try and tell some quirky natural history, cultural history, first nation stories, etc. woven in between the, how many vitamins does it have, and how do you harvest it in a way that it'll be here for ten thousand years, because that's really my goal is to help people fall in love with species that have been here a long time bit I'd like to perpetuate them for a long time so our great great grandchildren can harvest these things too."

By: Rik Pruett -