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CHARR offering Safe Ride Home program again for New Years Eve
Published: 12/31/2009 09:52:57
New Years Eve means a greater risk of people drinking and driving, to combat this, the local chapter of the Cabaret, Hotel, Restaurant and Retailers association, or CHARR is again offering their Safe Ride Home program. Leeann Thomas, the chairperson of the Safe Ride Home committee for CHARR says, "Weve doubled our cabs this year, a lot during the bar closing times, and thats where in the past, we havent been able to have enough cabs to have the people that want, have rides home, so this year we have twenty. We have sixteen businesses that are going to be pickup points. Those establishments have a special number to call the twenty cabs, so youll ask your bartender, your server at a liquor store to call you a safe ride home cab from those sixteen locations".

The Juneau Police Department will also be out in force to assure the publics safety and they encourage people to use the program as well. According to Sergeant Dave Campbell, Public Information Office for J.P.D., "There is a marked increase in the amount of people that are out celebrating the New Year, and this years probably going to be a really big celebration because its the change of a new decade as well. So there will be a very strong police presence throughout the community, especially downtown in the bars and it would really behoove people to use the safe ride program or other means to get home safely."

Leeann Thomas adds; "So number one, I think it absolutely reduces DUIs, proven after six years of doing this, and its a good community thing to make sure not only do people have rides home but they dont even have to worry about it".

It also means a lot to the establishments who support the program; Dave Behrends, Administrator of the Juneau Moose Lodge, states that they have been active in the safe ride program since CHARR initiated it, "The members like it, we get more members who like to come out and have some fun now and so theyre not worried about having to wait to get a ride home or trying to find a ride home so its a big plus there."

Leeann Thomas finishes by relating that "Our saying in Juneau CHARR is drink responsibly, drive responsibly and if youre going to partake then please dont get in that car, use our Safe Ride Home Program".

By: Rik Pruett -