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Golden North Salmon Derby is this weekend
Published: 08/11/2011 12:00:00
The 65th annual Golden North Salmon Derby starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday, it's a much anticipated event that draws people from all over to compete for cash and prizes and its proceeds benefit local students.

We spoke with Wayne Regelin, the Derby Co-chair, who filled in a few details.
"The derby starts august 12th and goes through Saturday and Sunday, starts at 7:30 in the morning. The rules are the same as it's been for the last several years, we'll have lots of prizes for the top 65 fish, the first place prize, the biggest fish caught will win ten thousand dollars plus a trophy and a few other things. There's 65 prizes the prize with the least value is worth nine hundred and fifty dollars, so they're all valuable prizes, the Juneau business community has just been very generous this year.
In order to fish in the derby you have to buy a ticket, the tickets cost forty dollars for an adult, and if you're 12 or under they're ten dollars for all three days of fishing.
And we ask people then to donate all of the fish they catch, all the king salmon and silver salmon and we sell those salmon and the money goes for scholarships for Juneau kids.
Over the years we've done this we've given away one point five million dollars in scholarships to two hundred and seventy eight Juneau high school kids and each scholarship is worth twelve thousand dollars. We also give away a couple vocational scholarships and they're worth twenty five hundred dollars each.
It's a very fun filled weekend, a lot of publicity a lot of people participate we probably have right at eighteen hundred to two thousand people fish in the derby, it depends a little bit on the weather but the fishing has just been excellent, there's lots of salmon out there, they're big, so we're looking forward to a really good, good derby.

By: Rik Pruett -