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Zach Gordon Youth Center teaching kids how to fish
Published: 07/14/2011 13:00:00
Here in Southeast Alaska, one of the most popular forms of recreation is fishing, it's not only a lot of fun, but it can also help put food on the table. A lot of kids don't get a chance to go fishing though so the Zach Gordon Youth Center has an answer for that, they're holding classes to teach kids how to fish, and having lots of fun doing it.
Crandall Mark, the Recreation Coordinator at the Center, explains how the kids are the ones who get to choose where to fish.
"Every day the kids tell me where they want to go fishing, I don't force them to go somewhere where they don't want to, they may have an idea of where they've been fishing before so basically what happens is I just give all the kids a little slip of paper with those five different choices on it, they circle their favorite location, I count up all the votes and whichever spot gets the most votes, that's where we go fishing at that day."
"Seven votes for Harris Harbor, so the winner is Harris harbor."
"And I try and concentrate on making this class fun because I mostly have beginning level type people who come to my class and like a lot of other activities, the first impression of something new is very important, especially fishing. And so I have learned that the herring jigs baited with the small cocktail shrimp is a deadly combination for catching an amazingly wide variety of fish. I've had kids catch all five species of alaskan salmon on them as well as large dolly varden, and a few steelhead and weird things like crabs and starfish and sea anemone and so it's always really fun for the kids because they never know what's going to come out of the water with the herring jigs. There's really no chance that the kids will get bored and get turned off by fishing because they're catching a lot of things."

By: Rik Pruett -