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Libraries host Summer Reading Program
Published: 06/09/2011 12:20:00
Our public Libraries are much more than just places to find a good book to read, they are also the host of many different types of events and among them is their Summer Reading Program. For 2011 it's known as "One World, Many Stories". M.J. Grande, the Youth Services Librarian for the Juneau Public Libraries, filled us in on a few of the activities planned for the program, elaborating on the event that we were attending.

"We call it Storytime plus crafts, for the summer we go ahead and add an extra half hour to our programming so there's an activity to tie in with the group experience. For Storytime its for primarily the preschoolers and early elementary and we have a half hour of songs and stories and literary experiences and then a half hour of crafts, and that's just one element of our Summer Reading Program".

As she said, that's only one element of the Summer Reading Program; remember,
"One World, Many Stories"

"Friday the 17th we have an author Bruce Hale, who's going to be coming to town , he's the author of the "Chet Gecko; Private Eye" series of which "The Chameleon wore Chartreuse" is one of the battle of the books for this year so we're really lucky to get him here on his summer Alaskan tour. And we're having Roustabout Circus Performers as part of the 4th of July celebration over in Douglas on the 2nd. Jeff Brown will be doing a magic show in August and then one of the series that lots of kids are reading this summer is "39 Clues" so we're going to have a 39 clues party the last Saturday before school goes back in and we'll be here and we're going to be finding clues at the Library".

If you're interested in finding more clues about the Summer Reading Program, you can stop by the Library for a calendar or visit

By: Rik Pruett -