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George Rogers Celebration of Life slated for this Sunday
Published: 04/28/2011 13:45:00
Juneau, and the State of Alaska, has lost one of its greatest and most influential citizens. George Rogers passed away in October of last year and will be remembered this weekend at Centennial Hall. We spoke with one of his Daughters, Sidney Rogers-Fadaoff, who shared with us a small amount of what made his life so remarkable.

"George was a great man, he contributed greatly to Juneau and to the State; he was involved as a consultant with our State Constitution convention and helped form the great State of Alaska.
He worked for many years with the University of Alaska in the Southeast Campus, Fairbanks and Anchorage. He was instrumental in starting the Institute of Social and Economic Research known as ISER, connected with the University in Anchorage. He contributed greatly to his community serving on numerous boards. Natural resources was the topic, George was there.
He had a great wit that everyone knows and loves about him that served him well through his life on stage and off stage, he raised 6 children; was very active in their upbringing.
He was active in the Juneau Arts Community, in choruses, on stage, in operas, musicals, plays. Any leading lady that he had loved him, He was charming, he loved the women, the women loved him and he will just be greatly missed by his family and the community.

A Celebration of his life is being held this Sunday at Centennial Hall in Juneau, and his family would like to invite you to come and hear commentaries on his life, his accomplishments and his contributions to Alaska. That's 1 o'clock this Sunday at Centennial Hall.

By: Rik Pruett -