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REACH Inc. unveils new Christmas Window
Published: 12/09/2010 13:45:00
An annual Juneau tradition has come to life again. REACH Incorporated has unveiled this year's interactive Christmas window at the corner of 3rd and Seward.

Dan Elstad, the Facilities Director at REACH Inc. tells us about the history of the display.
"This is the 7th year we've been doing the Christmas window; we started by a very simple design and display. Over the years we've added to it and expanded it. We try to change the design every year, and the theme, this year the theme is Lego's. My brother did the Lego display this year and there's got to be at least 10,000 little individual pieces of Lego."

"I try to incorporate a lot of Juneau Things, on the lower level there's pictures of the buildings, the local buildings of Juneau, and you try to make it really interactive. It's really important that there's buttons on the outside of the window, and the kids in town know to come and push the button."

"Nothing happens until a child comes up and pushes the button, everything is on timers. We try to make as many things in here moving and active as possible. The train is always everybody's favorite, when we bring the train back every year, that's the one consistent thing is the train in the window."

After seeing the extent of the display, I just had to ask, how long does it take to put it all together?

Dan replied; "Probably the actual assembly and putting it all together takes; I'll start on it in October sometime. We're already starting to think about next year, it takes, I think about it all year long."

And after all that work how long will they leave it up?

"We try to leave the display up long enough for the Legislators when they come to town so they can see it, so it'll come down some time around first or second week in February."

By: Rik Pruett -