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The "Hub" after school program opens at Juneau Christian Center
Published: 11/18/2010 09:00:00
There's a brand new place for kids in Juneau to gather, and it promises to be much more than just somewhere to hang out.

Ben Rose, the Church Youth Director at Juneau Christian Center, and a Board Member of the "Hub" Explains;
"The Hub after school program is Juneau's newest state of the art facility for middle school and high school students. The Hub contains Xbox 360's, playstations, pool tables, we've got foosball tables, ping pong tables, IPod listening stations where you can do homework or just chill and listen to music. We've got a gymnasium. "

Tom Chaplin, the Director of Services for the "Hub" tells us that there's more than just games, Aside from the myriad of activities, there's also tutoring available for kids to get ahead on their schoolwork or learn something new.
"The tutoring sessions is when there's core courses, math and whatever the kids need help with, that'll be during the homework time and tutoring time, however we're going to be providing some fun mini courses, I would think of them as electives."

Ben Rose tells us how the idea started,
"The Hub came about; about four and a half years ago. We were looking for a place, as Juneau Christian Center was looking for a place for youth and young people to have a place to hang out, and just a real safe, positive environment for kids; where kids would want to be."

And if they do want to be there, they just need to follow a few simple rules. Tom Chaplin related a few of them to us;
"We do have a code of conduct, a list of you know, rules for the kids and we're going to be centering everything around student ID's, so kids will have to be sure to bring their student ID's and that will be part of the check in process. We also have some paperwork that they'll need to get to their parents and get back to us."

Ben Rose went on to emphasize an important point about the Hub,
"All kids are welcome, any faith, any background; you're welcome at the Hub. And it's really just a safe, positive environment for young people."

The hub is located at the Juneau Christian Center, right next to Fred Meyer and it opens for the first time tomorrow; from after school until 6pm.

By: Rik Pruett -