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Crimson Bears reflect on team's development
Published: 08/19/2010 13:50:00
The JYFL's Crimson Bears are off to a good start this season with a 2 and 0 record so far and we caught up with them at a recent practice to inquire how the team is coming together.

Vinh Le, a Defensive Back for the Bears, says "I think our team, we have a really good chemistry, I mean during the off-season we didn't really get together that much so during like practices and stuff like this, coaches say that we've really got to get together and bond well and I think that's worked pretty well."

"in the last two games quarterbacks haven't really been able to pass it because by the time they turn their back or when they hike the ball, turn their back and look for it we already have pressure in their face because we're a really fast team this year."

Coach Rich Sjoroos agreed, and added "We are fast, we have good team speed, we have a lot of veterans returning in the skilled positions which is a bonus for us because our line is relatively inexperienced as far as working together, they've all played football in the past, but coming together as a group that's going to take a little while still, so they have some veterans around them that can make some big plays, takes a little pressure off of them as a unit, but I think as the weeks go by the lines going to be playing a bigger, bigger role in each game as we close out the regular season and hopefully move towards the playoffs."

One of the steps toward the playoffs is their upcoming game against Palmer, and we asked the coach how he felt about their chances this season.

Coach Sjoroos replied "Well, you know we're off to a good start, you know I think everybody would agree that we've come out of the gates with two you know solid performances but that's week to week I mean we're going to go back on the road again for week two of a three week stretch on the road and we're going to take on the Palmer Moose which you know is as tough as they come not only in our conference but in the state, I mean they're a very fundamentally sound, well coached team, could throw a lot of different things at you and they really study you, they're going to be prepared for us as good as anybody we're going to face all year so you know I just want the kids to stay humble, stay coachable and everybody's kind of put in perspective that yes, we've played two games and we've done well, but there's a lot bigger things waiting for us down the road."

Vihn Le summed it up by saying "We each know what our job is and as long as we do our job then we can work together well."

By: Rik Pruett -