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64th Golden North Salmon Derby starts tomorrow
Published: 08/12/2010 12:30:00
The 64th Annual Golden North Salmon Derby starts tomorrow, and according to Fish and Game, the fishing should be pretty good.

Brian Glynn, a Sportfish Biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game tells us Coho salmon fishing in the Juneau area has been on the low side over the last few to several years, but catch rates in both the troll and sport fisheries this year are looking good, so I would expect to see an improvement late this summer.

And like every year, theres a good incentive to go fishing, this being the 64th Annual Derby, theres 64 prizes up for grabs.

Angie Webb, The Co-Chair for the Derby this year, says; The top fish for this year is over twelve thousand dollars, ten thousand of it being cash which is donated by TSI which it is every year. There is only two prizes that are at about four hundred and thirty, everything else is over five hundred dollars so theyre nice prizes.

One change we noticed from last year is the annual derby button, its no longer the familiar oval were all used to.

Angie went on to say we wanted to do something different and we decided retro so we went back to many, many years ago when the derby buttons were round.

An important reminder is to make sure and take care of your fish so they fetch top dollar for the scholarships.
Kami Bartness, the Dock Chair for the derby gave us a few pointers.

Its really important that people handle their fish with care, properly take care of them. Slush them which means to the lay person a third chip ice and the rest salt water, nothing brings down the temperature of the fish faster than slushing

And as for the weather this weekend? Aaron Jacobs, a Meteorologist with the National Weather Service, provided us with his outlook for the weekend.

Well the fishing for this weekend should not be too bad, were going to have a high pressure over the gulf starting on Friday and then through the weekend it should be migrating to the west a little bit as this trough moves up over the southern portions of the panhandle, and if that happens were going to be seeing a light northerly wind kind of pick up through the weekend, but it should be relatively a dry and partly sunny, partly cloudy kind of weekend for the derby.

By: Rik Pruett -