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New Exhibit opens at the Silverbow
Published: 08/05/2010 14:00:00
A photography exhibit opening this week at the Silverbow features images from award winning nature photographer Amy Gulicks book, Salmon in the Trees, an intimate glimpse into the rare ecosystem of Southeast Alaska. When we spoke with Amy about the exhibit, we found that theres a whole lot more to the book and the exhibit than just the astounding photography. She related to us the story behind it all.

Well salmon in the trees tells the story of this remarkable connection, between salmon and trees in Southeast Alaska. This part of the world is a place where the forest and the sea are so intertwined that you cant separate the two and probably no other species relies on both the forest and the sea more than salmon do. So salmon bring the ocean nutrients with them in their bodies into the spawning stream, the bears then deliver them to the forest floor, and the trees absorb these nutrients through their roots. And scientists have actually been able to trace a particular form of marine nitrogen that comes from the ocean, in trees, near salmon streams, that they can link directly back to the fish. So thats where the book gets its title, and when I read about that connection between salmon and trees here, I just knew I had to come here and photograph it and tell this unique story. I mean the salmon are in the trees, the salmon are in the berries, the salmon are in the bears, the salmon are in the people, theyre really everywhere, they really define what Southeast Alaska is all about.

The exhibits opening reception is tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00 at the Silverbow and it runs through the month of August, the book itself is available at Hearthside.

Amys feelings about Southeast Alaska and her work were readily apparent in the enthusiasm which bubbled freely from her during the interview, she finished by saying And so when I come here, I get goose bumps just when I think about what is still here and how special it is and how rare it is and I hope that its always going to be a place where theres salmon in the trees.

By: Rik Pruett -