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New Mural to Brighten N. Franklin St.
Published: 07/15/2010 14:00:00
There's a new mural taking shape downtown, soon to brighten the view on North Franklin Street, a rather visionary project conceived by the Juneau Rotary Club. The club's Bob Rehfeld explains how it all began.

"We're always out on the prowl looking for a good local project, and that big wall up there's just been begging to have a picture on it for several years, it's right next to where we meet at the Baranof so for several years after we'd walk out of the meeting I'd go "we need to do something with that wall" and it took a few years and it coincided a little bit with our 75th anniversary as a club".

The artist that's bringing the whole project to life is Arnie Weimer, who was also on the prowl for a good project. He told us, "I've been aspiring to do some mural work for the last couple years and someone told me the rotary club was looking for some proposals for murals so I submitted one."

Mr. Rehfeld related, "We put a word out on the street and Arnie just literally dropped in on us one day and said "hey, I hear you want to paint a wall" and I said "well yeah, I think we're interested"

Thus began a project that promises to be visually striking.

Arnie gave us a hint at the imagery that he's bringing to life, "There's some signs attached to the building that you'll see in later footage I guess, I'm going to create an illusion that there's cars behind these signs with cement having fallen on them. The signs are fastened to the wall, they don't have posts on them but I'm going to paint the posts in and kind of create an illusion of this whole thing having happened, we don't know whether it was an earthquake or just part of somebody's dream you know, since it is a surrealist piece."

A mural this size is a major undertaking, needless to say, he'll be at it for a little while.

Arnie says, "Well I'm hoping to get it done by the end of August, I might leave it raw through the winter and then work on it some more next spring, I'm not sure."

By: Rik Pruett -